Release Notes

UPDATED: In TextBox18 Control Empty Date Value Accepted Available Now

ADDED: Viewer18 control added

ADDED: Loader18 control added

UPDATED: In Table18 and DataGrid18 Control, Tooltip added

UPDATED: In Table18 and DataGrid18 Control, now you can add title to the icon

UPDATED: In TableEdit18 Control, you can create combobox.
UPDATED: In TextBox18 Control, you can set price field.

UPDATED: In Menu18 Control, you can set page link to Menu name and groupmenu heading

UPDATED: Header18

UPDATED: Header18

UPDATED: InfoBar18

UPDATED: TableEdit18

UPDATED: Login18
UPDATED: TableEdit18

UPDATED: Header18
UPDATED: TableEdit18

UPDATED: ComboBox18
UPDATED: DataGrid18
UPDATED: Table18

UPDATED: ComboBox18

UPDATED: Radio18

UPDATED: CheckBox18
UPDATED: ComboBox18
UPDATED: TextBox18

UPDATED: DataGrid18
UPDATED: TableEdit18

UPDATED: Table18

ADDED: Comments18
UPDATED: LabelGrid18

ADDED: LabelGrid18
UPDATED: Label18 (Label with Icon)

ADDED: Radio18
ADDED: PageHeader18
REMOVED: DynamicDataGrid18

ADDED: InfoBar18
ADDED: Tab18

ADDED: Map18 ( Live Map With Origin and Destination )
ADDED: ListBox18
MODIFIED: ComboBox18 (Multi-Select DropDown Added)

UPDATED: TheMap Control ( Get Latlong details from City )

ADDED: CheckBox18
ADDED: ComboBox18
ADDED: Common18
ADDED: DataGrid18
ADDED: DropDown18
ADDED: DynamicDataGrid18
ADDED: Header18
ADDED: Label18
ADDED: Map18
ADDED: Menu18
ADDED: TableEdit18
ADDED: TextArea18